Tours are a key ingredient in the SYV experience. Every year since its inception, SYV has traveled to cities nationally and internationally, to participate in choral festivals or concert tours. All singers age 12 and up are strongly encouraged to participate in tours and represent our region in these highly educational events. 

Purpose of the Tours

Tours enrich the lives of the singers in many ways. The singers have the opportunity to make new friends with choristers from around the world. They learn new singing techniques and experience making music with a much larger group, under the direction of famous clinicians. In addition, the singers are privileged to sing in fabulous concert halls.

How much does it cost?

The cost to participate in a tour will vary each year depending on the destination and length fo the trip. Tour costs are the responsibility of each family and are not included in tuition.. Singers and families are encouraged to participate in fundraising events to assist with tour expenses.

Where do we go?

Past tours have included Vancouver, New Orleans, Quebec, Paris, Denver, London and Dublin. Each year alternates between a shorter tour to a U.S. city and a longer trip to an overseas destination.

How can you help?

SYV holds several fundraisers each year - look for announcements on our website and Facebook page. If you are interested in sponsoring a singer for tour or assisting with a specific tour expense, please contact [email protected]